Growing the Margins Conference 2012

From a biomass perspective the GTM 2012 has been a major improvement compared to last year’s conference. The GTM dedicates 2 simultaneous sessions to biomass and solar. This year there was a balanced split of solar and biomass during the first day; the second day was completely dedicated to biomass, resulting in a 75{a3af51aab6bb9e38a5c56209b8f066f2008867aae1c25ac32762e580d99c6c6c} biomass coverage in total.

The schedule of the GTM leaves adequate time for networking and visiting the exhibition, including an amazing poster presentation of university students. For me these posters, showcasing sophisticated research work, are an indication that our industry will be in good hands.
The GTM was a meeting place of most key players in the biomass industry, including producers, researchers, manufactures and key people from various government groups. As a result this conference provided quality networking opportunities and an excellent information exchange among key players.
Even though biomass based combustion is still a valid agenda item, the main topic was more geared to high quality biomass applications, i.e. products that use various contents of fibre material.
OPA was represented by a high ranking executive during a general morning session. The expectation was that the new upcoming FIT and MicroFIT rules would be presented. It was a major disappointment that OPA had practically nothing to say and worse, does not seem to see a major role biomass will play in the future. Considering that this was a biomass conference the OPA presence and performance raises some serious questions. Clearly our focus should not be pointing in the Nanticoke direction anymore!
As in previous years, most of the presentations will be posted on the GTM website. Stay tuned for further updates.

Ontario Biomass Producers Co-Op