Canadian federal inspector using a drill to inspect a hay sample for export

The Ontario Hay and Forage Co-operative was formed to develop and serve overseas markets with high quality, purpose grown, double-compacted hay.  The Co-operative’s aim is to increase returns for producers who are currently producing high quality hay, or want to add it to their crop rotations.  Increasing forage acres in Ontario is equally important to the co-op members.  Additional forage acreage results in increased carbon sequestration and overall improved soil health. 

The existance and expansion of the Ontario Hay and Forage Co-operative is important for all hay producers in Ontario.  By producing a more consistently superior product, Ontario hay producers will be able to gain more reliable access to higher value export markets.  The Co-operative is the outcome of efforts by the Hay Marketing Forum of the Ontario Forage Council to tap into new markets for Ontario hay. 

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Producer membership is a one time $1,000 (CAD) fee for an unlimited subscription period. Please fill out this form and we will contact you with instructions on how to join.


    Despite the travel restrictions due to COVID, there have been many positive advancements for the co-op in 2020.  It was a great year for production and US markets.  China is seeking new buyers in the export market as they are moving away from Australian oaten hay.  Timothy is a desired product.  Although the container traffic is reduced, ON is at an advantage due to the proximity to major shipping routes.

    The co-op is gaining access to a hay press through the Hay Press Corporation (HPC).  The newly incorporated HPC has purchased a conversion press to serve a variety of markets.  The press will be installed at Marhaven Agri who will operate the press onsite on a contract basis.  OHFC will have priority access to the press.  The expectation is that the press will be operational in October 2021.  New investors are welcome to invest in the press.  Inventory will be required.  Increasing the supply through including new growers in a mentorship program to will be necessary going forward to create a marketable inventory of exportable hay. 

    Board of Directors

    Fritz Trauttmansdorff (President)

    Chris Martin (Vice President)

    Andre Larocque

    DJ Wassenaar

    Mike Faulkner

    Larry Davis

    Steve McKague

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