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Biomass researchers and growers have put together a wealth of information in video format. Learn more about the latest biomass research and uses in these videos.

Switchgrass Videos

Utilizing Switchgrass in the Dairy Industry Webinar Recording: Developing Switchgrass as an Easy to Grow Field Crop for Dairy Farmers (2022)

Utilizing Switchgrass in the Dairy industry Webinar Recording Research Update: Feeding Switchgrass to Diary Cattle (2022)

Utilizing Switchgrass in the Dairy Industry Webinar Recording: Panel Discussion – Growing and Using Switchgrass (2021)

Switchgrass for Livestock Feed 101 (2017)

Switchgrass a Promising New Bedding for Dairy Cows (2018)

Miscanthus Videos

Growing Miscanthus, A Crop With Potential (2012)

General Biomass Videos

Biomass- Woody & Herbaceous- A Comparative Analysis (2014)

Biomass for Livestock and Poultry Bedding 101 (2017)

Woody Biomass – Filling the Fossil Fuel Gap (2012)

Biofertilizers for herbaceous biomass crops and the environment (Hasenack, Sarah)

Long-term soil organic carbon gain potential of perennial biomass crops grown in Ontario (Vijayakumar, Sowthini)

Organic carbon KTT project field day (Bazrgar, Amir)

KTT presentation (Richardson, Norm)

Soil organic carbon: Few initiatives (Thimmanagari, Mahendra)

KTT presentation (Fisher, James)

Perennial biomass crops contribution to carbon sequestration and soil health (Thevathasan, Dr. Naresh)

Biomass crops for soil carbon sequestration in marginal lands: A herbaceous and woody comparison (Bazrgar, Dr. Amir)