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The biomass industry is far-reaching. These resources are meant to to help you understand the uses for biomass products, the impacts on the economy, and to provide you with other resource sites to meet your needs, whether as a biomass producer, purchaser, or curious mind.

Biomass Uses

Emerging markets for Switchgrass in the US Midwest: Challenges and Opportunities (Cenusa Bioenergy)

Using Switchgrass and Miscanthus as sustainable livestock and poultry bedding (Samson et al., 2018)

Using Switchgrass and Miscanthus as sustainable mulch (Samson, R., 2018)

Switchgrass: A premium livestock bedding and horticultural mulch (Samson, R., 2016)

Switchgrass: A dual-purpose crop providing high quality bedding and improving rumen function (Samson, R., 2016)

Biomass industry overview (PurpleGreen, 2021)

GramiTherm insulation (Whittamore, M. & Wilson, C., 2014)

Developing market opportunities for warm season grasses in Ontario (Samson, R., 2011)

How can biomass crops improve the environment – LISTEN (The Why & How Podcast, 2021)

Biomass & Carbon

Soil organic carbon sequestration potentials by biomass crops (Switchgrass & Miscanthus) (Vijayakumar et al.)

Miscanthus and Switchgrass carbon footprints (OFA, 2022)

Long-term monitoring of soil carbon sequestration in woody and herbaceous bioenergy crop production systems on marginal lands in Southern Ontario (Bazrgar et al., 2020)

Developments of biocarbon for Canadian steel production (Todoschuk, 2016)

biomass Economics

Purpose-grown energy crops: What drives feedstock innovation (Lane, J., 2024, published in The Daily Digest)

Switchgrass and Miscanthus as biomass crops for Ontario (Ladhani et al., 2023)

Ontario’s bioeconomy: Role of research and innovation and agricultural biomass (Hazarika, R. and Thimmanagari, M., 2014)

Crop biomass: An overview – Markets, combustion, and money (Bootle, J.)

Crop biomass value chain – Making it work (Bootle, J.)

Economical & practical considerations for crop biomass – Case study (Bootle, J., 2012)

Ontario growers join forces to market biomass (Mann, S., 2016)

Ontario biomass producers in expansion mode (Carter, J., 2016)

Switchgrass supply falling short of growing demand (Carter, J., 2018)

Other Resources

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Native warm season grass biomass

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