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The following resources have generously been provided by Naresh Thevathasan, B.Sc. (agric.), Ph.D. (Envi. Sc.), P.Ag., D.Sc. (hon.), Adjunct Professor (Retired Associate Professor), School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph. The Ontario Biomass Producer’s Co-op thanks Naresh for making these resources available to further knowledge about biomass. Learn more about Naresh here.

Factsheet 1 – Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Potentials By Biomass Crops (Switchgrass & Miscanthus)

Factsheet 2 – Switchgrass and Miscanthus As Biomass Crops For Ontario, Canada

Factsheet 3 – Improving Soil Health By Using Biofertilizers On Biomass Crops (Switchgrass & Miscanthus)

The Effect Of Land-use Conversion From Agriculture To Perennial Biomass Crops And Nitrogen Fertilizer On Soil Organic Carbon Stock In Southern Ontario, Canada

What Type Of Biomass Crops Should Growers Focus On For Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration: Herbaceous or Woody?

Importance Of The Arboretum’s Victoria Woods As A Reference Point To Study Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration And Soil Health

Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Potential Of Perennial Biomass Crops As Determined By Soil Isotopic Carbon Signature

Soil Microbial Activity And Nutrient Bioavailability Influenced By Soil Application Of Organic, Bio And Chemical Fertilizers

Biofertilizers For The Sustainable Production Of Herbaceous Biomass Crops In Southern Ontario

How Can Biomass Crops Improve The Environment? (The Why & How Podcast)

Biofertilizers for herbaceous biomass crops and the environment (Video)

Long-term soil organic carbon gain potential of perennial biomass crops grown in Ontario (Video)

Organic carbon KTT project field day (Video)

KTT presentation by Norm Richardson (Video)

Soil organic carbon: Few initiatives (Video)

KTT presentation by James Fisher (Video)

Perennial biomass crops contribution to carbon sequestration and soil health (Video)

Biomass crops for soil carbon sequestration in marginal lands: A herbaceous and woody comparison (Video)

Long-Term Monitoring Of Soil Carbon Sequestration In Woody And Herbaceous Bioenergy Crop Production Systems On Marginal Lands In Southern Ontario, Canada

The Potential Of Switchgrass And Miscanthus To Enhance Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration – Predicted By DayCent Model

The Potential Role of Alternative Fertilizers in Herbaceous Biomass Crop Productivity and Soil Health

Investigating Alternative Fertilizers For Herbaceous Biomass Crops Grown In Southern Ontario to Improve Yields and Soil Health

How Changing From Annual Agricultural Crop Rotation to Perennial Biomass Crops Can Impact the Capture of Carbon in the Soil (Video)

The Influence of Biofertilizer Effect on Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) Crop Yield Under Greenhouse and Field Conditions in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Quantifying Soil Organic Carbon Stocks in Herbaceous Biomass Crops Grown in Ontario, Canada

Verifying soil organic carbon sequestration by C4 perennial biomass crops using 13C natural abundance technique in southern Ontario, Canada

Factsheet 5 – Allometric Equations for Estimating Above-Ground Biomass Carbon Sequestration in Trees in Agroforestry Systems: A Guide for Ontario Landowners

Factsheet 6 – Switchgrass Variety Choice in Ontario

Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration by Perennial Biomass Crops in Ontario, Canada (VIDEO)