Switchgrass crop in Campbellton Ontario, mid-summer


The Ontario Biomass Producers is a group of Ontario farmers exploring the sustainable production and marketing of biomass crops. The group is open to all Ontario farm operations from small to large scale.

We offer different types of memberships: unlimited Producer memberships (Co-op shareholders) and one-year Individual or Business Associate memberships. We also offer one-year Start-up Producer memberships at a discounted rate for new biomass producers who do not have any marketable material yet.

If you are not a member, you can register online here. If you have any questions please contact us via email for further information. 

    You can also become a member with a mail-in application:

    We are currently exploring:

    • Marketing opportunities
    • Production of purpose grown biomass crops
    • Harvesting of crop byproducts
    • Transportation and storage issues
    • Generating or co-generating electricity form biomass
    • Structure and financing options for a biomass production co-operative
    • Densifying of biomass (ie:  pelleting, briquetting)
    • Biomass heat energy
    • Biomass as a feedstock for the productions of fuels
    • Biomass for the production of composite fibre boards
    • Biomass for the production of plastic products
    • Animal Bedding (dairy, pet market etc)
    • Biomass as a substrate for mushroom farming
    • Quality mulch for landscaping and vegetable farming

    OBPC Board of Directors

    James Fisher (President)

    Larry Davis (Vice-President Business)

    Norm Richardson (Vice-President Association)

    Lorie Smith (Secretary)

    Peter Lambrick (Treasurer)