Profitable Pastures 2024 Webinar Series is now over. The biggest of thanks to everyone who attended! It was a record-breaking year for registrations and we couldn’t be happier about that. Thank you to our incredible speakers (more info below) and our sponsors (also more info below). We can’t wait to do it all again next year! Until then, be sure to watch this year’s presentations on our YouTube channel.

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2024 Agenda & speakers

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Tuesday, March 5th:

Getting Started on Rotational Grazing with Joe Dickenson

There is a lot of emphasis on rotational grazing right now. Everyone is talking about the environmental and production benefits that rotational grazing can bring to a farm. While conversations are ongoing around how to improve an existing rotational system, it can be hard to find information on how to start. Joe’s talk aims to address that gap.

Crop Management CEU available. This webinar is an OSCIA-recognized Knowledge Sharing Event (KSE) for farmers with On-Farm Climate Action Fund applications in the Rotational Grazing category.

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Wednesday, March 6th:

Predicting Cattle Performance from Grazed Pasture with James Byrne

Learn how pasture stage of growth effects cattle performance. Learn how to predict cattle performance from stage of growth and how to manage pastures to deliver your ideal cattle performance.

Crop Management CEU available. This webinar is an OSCIA-recognized Knowledge Sharing Event (KSE) for farmers with On-Farm Climate Action Fund applications in the Rotational Grazing category.

Thursday, March 7th:

The Best Money Spent on the Ranch with Dallas Mount

There is a never-ending list of improvements to make to any farm/ranch.  How do we as business leaders identify the things that will bring us the best return over time?  Dallas will share some Ranching for Profit Principles on how to identify these things and practical ways to evaluate infrastructure improvement.

Professional Development CEU available.


Joe Dickenson

Joe Dickenson is a birth to beef farmer in Lambton County. He grew up on a dairy and beef farm on the edge of Sarnia, but expanded and moved the beef herd to Oil Springs in 2008. Since moving to Oil Springs, he has constantly adjusted his grazing methods to improve the productivity of his farm, and allow him to better utilize his land base. He has been a Feedlot Director of the Beef Farmers of Ontario since 2020, and has been a sessional professor at Lambton College since September of 2021, and University of Guelph – Ridgetown Campus since October of 2022. Joe, his wife Sonya, and their daughter Odette live in Dawn Euphemia Township

James Byrne

James Byrne is a Beef Cattle Specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs. James’ main areas of focus include improving cow/calf production and management, improving management of backgrounded cattle on pasture and in confinement, cattle nutrition, and performance from pasture. James writes regularly for Virtual Beef, Ontario Beef and Ontario Cattle Feeders. James is involved with the annual planning of Beef Symposium, Ruminant Feed Industry Days and Grazing Cover Crop workshops. James joined the Ministry in 2017 and is based out of the Lindsay office.

Dallas Mount

Owner of Ranch Management Consultants (RMC), home of the Ranching for Profit School and the Executive Link program.  Dallas has led RMC since 2019 and worked with hundreds of ranchers across the US, Canada and Australia to position their business for economic profit and ecologic health.  After working with University of Wyoming Extension for 18 years, Dallas started teaching the Ranching For Profit School in 2012 and quickly established himself as an elite instructor. Dallas and his wife Dixie, have two adult children and own and manage a grazing operation near Wheatland, WY. RMC is focused on creating profitable businesses, with healthy land and happy families.

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Topics covered in 2023:

  • Grazing Mentors Talk – A Peek Into the Advanced Grazing Systems Course
  • The Why and How of Pasture Subdivision, and
  • A Virtual Farm Tour with the Mapleseed Pasture Award Recipients

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