The promise and the challenge of Perennial Commodity Crops – Article in Better Farming

In the October 2012 edition of the Better Farming magazine our president made the front page!

A dominant article (over 10 pages), written by Mary Baxter, covers the current state and future of biomass crops and an in-depth coverage of encountered challenges.
Mary interviewed a group of “Biomass people” of our province, including James Fisher, John Kelly, Bill Deen, Scott Abercrombie, Ian Moncrieff, Urs Eggimann, Adam DeVisser, Dean Tiessen and others. As an addendum to the article there is some coverage of Catherine Tredway of White Cloud Innovations and her fibre board projects.
The article is well worth reading. At a later stage we might be able to get a copy for our website. 
Ontario Biomass Producers Co-Op