Presentations of OMAF and MRA-UofG KTT Bioeconomy Seminar on June 5, 2013

The presentations of the 3 guest speakers, Dr. Williams, Dr. Kircher and Dr. Fireovid, are now online on the BDDC website

Following the 3 presentations Professor Amar Mohanty moderated a panel discussion, which gave the audience a great opportunity to interact with the 3 presenters and engage in some lively bi-directional information flow.
For everyone who did not manage to attend the seminar (or any of the past ones), the BDDC website offers a solid opportunity to keep up with many burning bio economy topics.
Congratulations to the BDDC team are in order for staging this very successful event, which enjoyed a great turn-out.
Urs Eggimann
Ontario Biomass Producers Co-Op