The OFIP STORY in the latest AAC newsletter is encouraging reading for current and future switchgrass producers.

A little bit of background:
During a temporary wheat straw shortage some mushroom growers in Ontario started to pay attention to switchgrass and had been adding a small percentage of switchgrass to wheat straw for their compost mix. 
OBPC has been playing a significant part in the switchgrass/mushroom research project. It all started with an invitation of Bill Stevens of Mushrooms Canada to one of our OBPC board meetings. It became apparent to both groups that it was very worthwhile conducting the necessary switchgrass research, which ultimately led to a successful OFIP grant application.
Don Nott and James Fisher have been working closely with the mushroom growers and have donated a good part of the required feedstock for the research program.
The ultimate goal is to prove the suitability and composition of switchgrass for mushroom compost. 
After a successful completion of this project, it will be in the interest of mushroom growers and switchgrass producers to enter long term contracts and make business more predictable at both ends.
Ontario Biomass Producers Co-Op