New Start-up Producer membership

To accommodate farmers with small Ag biomass start-up projects, OBPC has introduced a new Start-up Producer membership. 


OBPC wants to promote smallnbiomass acreage on many farms to build a sufficient biomass production volumenand meet the needs of our expected near term projects. This option gives new biomassnstart-ups a chance to get comfortable with the new crop without entering majornrisks. The new membershipnstructure supports this biomass start-up strategy.

Features of Start-up Producer membership:

– Full access to OBPCnwebsite, i.e. Members-only section

– Opportunity to getnagronomy advice from experienced OBPC growers

– Full access to OBPCnevents

– Annual membership fee ofn$100

– Upgrade option to fullnProducer membership

– No voting rights

– No access privileges to OBPC biomass contracts 

The Start-up Producernmembership gives farmers an attractive option to get the necessary access tonbiomass production how-to information.

Ontario Biomass Producers Co-Op