OMAFRA / U of Guelph KTT project approved!

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The OMAFRA – U of Guelph KTT project #KTT2014-10221  has been approved. 

The project is a major collaborative initiative of OBPC, OMAFRA, the University of Guelph, OAFT and REAP-Canada.

Growing the BiomassnMarketplace: Agronomy, and Livestock Bedding Knowledge and Application is a 2-year project, starting in April 2015 and ending in March 2017.

The major planned deliverables are agronomy information for switchgrass and miscanthus producers as well as  switchgrass and miscanthus based livestock bedding. 

KTT stands for Knowledge Translation and Transfer and this project is based on the best and most up-to-date information sources.  Knowledge will be made available in various formats, including digital documentation, videos, updates on websites, live field day and seminar presentations as well as webcasts.  

Expect future announcements of KTT related biomass events and milestones. 

Ontario Biomass Producers Co-Op