Fact sheet: Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Potentials by Biomass Crops (Switchgrass & Miscanthus)

switchgrass (left) and miscanthus (right) crops side by side

Perennial biomass crops (PBCs) are fast growing herbaceous grass species with the
ability to contribute to the production of biomass energy. They are a renewable and carbon
neutral energy source, where electric power is created by burning of organic material. (1)
Perennial biomass crops, namely switchgrass and miscanthus, are becoming increasingly popular
in Ontario due to their ability to produce high biomass yields with little inputs and low soil
nutrients, while improving soil health. (2) The growing biomass and renewable energy sector
have increased the demand for biomass crops, providing a sustainable economic avenue for
farmers, especially on marginal or degraded lands. (2) The integration of biomass crops into
Ontario’s agricultural community is an economically and environmentally conscious decision.

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