Dean Tiessen, President of NEF, tragically killed in Brazil

Report in Windsor Star:

Report in Veja São Paulo:

English Google Translation of Report in Veja São Paulo:

The William Dean Tiessen Canadian tourist was murdered on Saturday ( 7 ) during an attempted robbery at kilometer 52 of the Anchieta Highway , near Cubatao , coastal city . The crime occurred around 14h and businessman took two shots, one in the arm and another in the chest that pierced his back , and the time he died .
Dean is president of the company New Energy Farms Group , attached to the branch of agriculture , located in Canada , and was accompanied by a friend , the Englishman Adrian Paul Carver , who witnessed the crime. According to information from the Highway Patrol , both followed the track towards the capital when they were approached and none of the perpetrators have been identified so far.
Entrepreneurs and partners were in the country for about ten days and decided to go to Guaruja know the beaches . Then returned to the capital by Anchieta highway to appreciate the landscapes of the Atlantic Forest region.
Canadian tourist was shot dead in Anchieta highway
Canadian tourist was shot dead in Anchieta highway ( Photo: Playback / TV Tribune )
When they arrived at mile 52 , near Cota 95, Cubatao saw a truck stopped in the road and did not realize that the vehicle was being robbed. In attempting to divert the car , they were approached by three robbers who drove a white vehicle. The bandits descended , touched the glass of the car and asked the foreign money, and mobile alliance Dean .
As reported by the Highway Patrol , Dean did not speak Portuguese and one of the criminals got angry and shot the Canadian at the time he made the move to remove the seat belt . The bandits fled without taking anything .
When Paul realized that his friend was shot tried to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation until the driver of the truck , approached by criminals minutes before he realized all the action and called the rescue . When the police arrived , the tourist was lifeless and not carrying documents . Still no word on what will be done with the body of Dean Tiessen . The occurrence was recorded in the 1st DP Cubatao .

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