Biomass Agronomy Guides and Videos on OBPC Website

As a first deliverable ofna 2-year KTT initiative (Knowledge Translation & Transfer)nthe project team has released agronomy guides for switchgrass and miscanthusnproduction. These documents can be accessed on the OBPC website

The agronomy guides arencomprehensive resources for existing and future biomass producers. The agronomynguides provide practical answers and solutions to newcomers of Ag biomassnproduction as well as to very advanced growers.

The guides are the resultsnof a very productive partnership of the University of Guelph, OMAFRA,nREAP-Canada and Ontario Biomass Producers Co-operative Inc. as well as our sponsors Livestock Research Innovation Corporation Inc. and Ontario Agri-Food Technologies.

The project team isncurrently working on guides, addressing biomass based animal bedding and feed. During the winter season the project team has planned severaln”roadshow” initiatives, starting with a presentation at FarmSmartnon January 21 in Guelph and a 3-hour switchgrass seminarnat the Organic Conference on January 27.

We will keep you postednabout future events.


Ontario Biomass Producers Co-Op